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Slayer is devastated to inform that their bandmate and brother, Jeff Hanneman, passed away at about 11AM this morning near his Southern California home. Hanneman was in an area hospital when he suffered liver failure. He is survived by his wife Kathy, his sister Kathy and his brothers Michael and Larry, and will be sorely missed.

Our Brother Jeff Hanneman, May He Rest In Peace (1964 – 2013)

On a personal note Slayer were my first love in the mid to late 1980’s , Hell Awaits & Reign in Blood will always live with me and changed my life . I met Jeff twice and once sat and drank with him & Tom for 2 hours, he was funny , gracious and very down to earth . RIP Jeff – I raise a glass & horns in your memory – shred in hell brother!!



VOLBEAT’s Collaboration With KING DIAMOND Available For Free Download – Apr. 5, 2013
“Room 24”, a brand new song from Danish metal rock ‘n’ rollers VOLBEAT, is available for free download at this location. The track, which features a guest appearance by legendary Danish heavy metal singer King Diamond, comes off VOLBEAT’s fifth studio album, “Outlaw Gentlemen & Shady Ladies”, which will be released in Germany, Austria and Switzerland on April 5, in the rest of Europe on April 8, and in North America on April 9 via Vertigo/Republic Records/Universal Music.

Comments VOLBEAT guitarist/vocalist Michael Poulsen: “I’m a huge fan of MERCYFUL FATE and KING DIAMOND. Having King on the record is a huge privilege. Normally, it’s not something he does. He wrote his own lines, and it is half my lyrics and half his. It’s a weird, scary story, and he’s the perfect person for it.”

Poulsen joined KING DIAMOND on stage at last year’s Sweden Rock Festival to perform a cover version of the MERCYFUL FATE classic “Come To The Sabbath”. Fan-filmed video footage of his appearance can be seen below.

“The show was fantastic and King sounded better than ever,” Poulsen stated last June.

“I have been a huge KING DIAMOND / MERCYFUL FATE fan since my school days in Denmark. He was the first frontman in a metal band that I really became a fan of. At a very early age, I was already on my knees for Ronnie James Dio and Tony Iommi. But when the Danish newspapers started to write about KING DIAMOND and his new record, ‘Them’, I knew that I was about to discover something unique and special.

“A few minutes after reading the newspapers, I jumped on my bike and headed to my local record shop. 15 minutes later, I was holding the record in my hands and a new young KING DIAMOND fan was born and I have been following him and buying all his records since.

“I remember asking my dad if I could have some money for a KING DIAMOND concert ticket, he said, ‘Sure, but how will you earn the money for the train ticket and merchandise?’ he asked smiling. I responded I would figure it out, smiling.

“I ended up selling my BMX Raleigh bicycle, my dad got a little pissed about that in the beginning, but he ended up thinking that was real dedication and a good smart move from my side, because now he also had to buy me a new bike so I could get to school. Even my first tattoo was a MERCYFUL FATE cover (‘Don’t Break The Oath’). I was still in school and not old enough to get a tattoo, and I was begging the local tattoo artist to give me this tattoo. In the end, he said, ‘Okay I’ll do it if you. Come NOW, but don’t tell anyone.’ I said, ‘I cannot do it now because I’m about to have my exam in school in less than an hour.’ He didn’t care, so I said, ‘Fuck school, I’m on my way.’ I didn’t take my exam, but I got something that was so much more important to me, my first tattoo.

“The first time I met King in person was around 1996 or 1997, at that time, I had released my first two metal records and some demos with my previous band, DOMINUS. As an eager fan, I was telling him how much he inspired me. And now here in 2012 he still inspires me a lot in VOLBEAT.

“King has been to a few VOLBEAT shows in the U.S. to check us out and hang out and also to say hello to his good friend, Hank Shermann (MERCYFUL FATE), who [helped] VOLBEAT on our U.S. tour, which also is a great compliment for me and VOLBEAT.

“If you, as a reader, haven’t met King in person, then let me tell you about him, he’s the most dedicated man to his music and one of the nicest guys in this scene I have ever met. I am proud to calling him my friend.”

Taken from Blabbermouth.Net

Competiton now closed . Winners will be contacted and thank you to everyone who entered. 

Well done to Mick from Northumberland and Andy from Edinburgh. Many thanks to all the entrants , and again Wienerworld for the prizes !!

Well with many thanks to the good people at Wienerworld , TheCorpseGrinder has 2 copies of the soon to be released DVD of The Monochrome Set live in Minneapolis in 1979. The DVD features their full set from the legendary Marathon 80 Festival .

Please read below for more info on this great DVD from a hugely influential British band. And please visit Wienerworld to peruse their fantastic back catalogue and more info on future releases –

The Monochrome Set DVD is released on April 15th in the UK and distributed through Wienerworld.

  •  Monochrome
  • This superb previously unreleased DVD is a valuable historic document of the band’s earliest live footage in existence
  • The full live set caught on camera of the American leg of the M80 concert in Minneapolis, Indiana (September 1979), offering an early candid snapshot of the group  
  • Includes two compositions by original bassist Jeremy Harrington: Fly Me To The Moon (never before released on any format) and the early live song Viva Death Row
  • Complete with a 4 page pull-out booklet with amazingly revealing liner notes
  • Released to coincide with the band’s USA Tour in May 2013 (followed by UK and European Tours in October)

The Monochrome Set originally formed in 1978 from the remnants of a college group called 
The B-Sides (whose members had included Stuart Goddard, a.k.a. Adam Ant). The post-punk band is notable for its witty lyrics, the laconic delivery of lead singer Bid and the idiosyncratically retrogressive playing style of original lead guitarist Lester Square.

The live footage contained in this DVD is so important, not only because it offers an early candid snapshot of the group, but also because it captures a musical fire and edginess inherent to only a few bands of that era. It is both a time capsule and a true joy to witness.


1. The Monochrome Set
2. Fallout
3. Tomorrow Will Be Too Long
4. Fly Me To Moon
5. The Etcetera Stroll
6. Mr Bizarro
7. Love Goes Down The Drain
8. Ici Les Enfants
9. Lester Leaps In
10. Eine Symphonie Des Grauens
11. Martians Go Home
12. The Lighter Side Of Dating
13. Viva Death Row
14. He’s Frank
15. Goodbye Joe
16. The Strange Boutique
17. Expresso
18. Alphaville



Dwarves – Dwarves Are Born Again CD (with bonus DVD) 2011

UK Distribution – Wienerworld

  • 25th anniversary of the most bizarre and misunderstood punk rock band of all time, including a free bonus DVD
  • 25 years in the making, the Dwarves Are Born Againfeatures heroes from throughout the Dwarves saga
  • Blag the Ripper, HeWhoCanNotBeNamed, Rex Everything, the Fresh Prince of Darkness and a cast of thousands including Vadge Moore and Sgt. Saltpeter from the notorious Blood, Guts and Pussy record return to crush the ears of a desperate public
  • You get hardcore punk, ear banging pop and everything in between from the long standing masters of all styles. Damaged rock celebrity cameos mix with twisted phone messages and ear splitting noise all delivered with the pomp and circumstance that only the mighty Dwarves can deliver
  • Dwarves is an American punk band formed in Chicago, Illinois, as The Suburban Nightmare, in the mid-1980s. Formed as a garage punk band, their career subsequently saw them move in a hardcore direction before settling into an eclectic punk rock sound. They have been described as “one of the last true bastions of punk rock ideology in the contemporary musical age”



The Dwarves write catchy , drug infused , often pornographic three minute classics . And this album is no exception.

A follow up from 2004’s The Dwarves Must Die  , this is 32 minutes of mayhem . The first song modestly titled “The Dwarves Are The Best Band Ever” kicks off with the lyrics ” Lets get high and fuck some sluts” , and this is the precursor to what is to follow.

Dwarves Are Born Again is typical Dwarves with Blag spitting out lyrics beautifully mixed with classic punk guitar, slamming bass and drumming to kill to.

Listening to Dwarves now is like a history lesson in punk. I can hear Dead Kennedys, Bad Brains , Dinosaur Jr amongst others , yet they still make the entire album their own in a way only the Dwarves can. An album to turn up loud , piss off the neighbours and sing along too.

This is a release from the great independent UK distribution company Wienerworld and comes with a fantastic bonus DVD full of live features from the last 25 years . A really nice bonus feature and makes this a real treat.

I am the Jesus Christ of sin and vice shouts Blag and do you know what I guess he’s right 7/10

Available from Wienerworld – click link below for details



1. The Dwarves Are Still The Best Band Ever

2. 15 Minutes

3. Stop Me

4. Looking Out For Number One

5. You’ll Never Take Us Alive

6. Bang Up

7. We Only Came To Get High

8. I Masturbate Me

9. It’s A Wonderful Life of Sin

10. Happy Birthday Suicide

11. Fake ID

12. Working Class Hole


14. Candy Now

15. Do The HeWhoCannotBeNamed

16. Your Girl’s Mom

17. Zip Zero

18. The Band That Wouldn’t Die




  • THE DWARVES first tour in 1988 covered over 6,000 miles and highlights were featured in the Village Voice. The tour consisted of 3 cities, 4 shows and $165 dollars cash. The band slept in a cargo van and booked gigs on stolen telephone cards.
  • THE DWARVES teamed up with Top Ten producer Eric Valentine (Third Eye Blind, All American Rejects, Slash) to make their last 5 studio albums. He even showed up to some of the sessions! Valentine and Blag Dahlia helped write songs for Smashmouth, Good Charlotte and Skye Sweetnam.
  • THE DWARVES have recorded for visionary independent labels including Sympathy For The Record Industry, Epitaph, Fat, Sub/Pop, Bomp!, Amphetamine Reptile, Man’s Ruin, Recess, Theologian, Glitterhouse, Burning Heart, White Jazz, High Voltage, No Balls, Zodiac Killer, MVD, Midnight, Reptilian and Greedy. Some of them even paid royalties.
  • THE DWARVES have been stabbed, bludgeoned, swarmed, arrested, shut down, sabotaged and even fellated onstage and much of it is available on video, like the free dvd that comes with the Dwarves Are Born Again.
  • THE DWARVES were one of the first hardcore bands to regularly use samples, drum loops and found sounds, even on their earliest recordings where they used cassette tapes to generate them.
  • THE DWARVES were kicked off tour with a UK metal band for sleeping with the girls the headliners had hired to hang out backstage. They were banned from venerable punk dive CBGBs for breaking a table and bleeding on the floor making the venue cleaner and improving its décor.
  • THE DWARVES began in the 1980’s as an Illinois punk garage band, covering everything from the Seeds and Moving Sidewalks to Gang of Four and Devo. They still have skinny ties and tight pants to prove it.
  • THE DWARVES played with the Minutemen weeks before D. Boon died, visited GG Allin in Maximum Security prison and did coke with the Lemonheads in a seedy hotel room. And that was all in one day! Their list of collaborators on records is vast, including the ones they can contractually mention like Dexter Holland, Josh Freese, San Quinn, Nash Kato, Gary Owens, Spike Slawson, DJ Marz and Nick Oliveri.
  • THE DWARVES play music that crosses all genres. Their last LP ‘The Dwarves Must Die,’ mixed all modern rock styles including hardcore, garage, punk, surf, noise, death metal, experimental, industrial, hip/hop, grunge and good old-fashioned pop. Even their modesty is legendary.
  • THE DWARVES music has been featured on television shows like Viva La Bam, Nash Bridges, Rob and Big, Laguna Beach, 16 and Pregnant, Homewrecker, Jackass and dozens more. They appeared naked on Monster Garage and Playboy After Dark, where HeWhoCanNotBeNamed mated with a pumpkin.
  • THE DWARVES are the very best looking band in show business.
  • THE DWARVES did a live one-hour performance on Japan’s prestigious NHK network. At the dinner afterward, they literally ate a horse. Barred from appearing in Switzerland they no longer tolerate cheese with holes in it.
  • THE DWARVES played Berkeley’s punk collective Gilman Street the first month it opened and appeared there with the likes of Green Day, NOFX and the Didjits. They were later banned for beating a spectator, but don’t worry, he was a fan of some other group.
  • THE DWARVES are a true independent band with no outside management or record label, DIY forever. They leave no remains when they die, only footprints in the snow.
  • THE DWARVES bassist Rex Everything has been tazed and did time for battery and resisting arrest. He loves kittens, puppies and long walks on the beach. Guitarists HeWhoCanNotBeNamed and The Fresh Prince of Darkness teach and counsel troubled teens when not ingesting cocaine and masturbating to hardcore pornography.
  • THE DWARVES have been members of groups like KMFDM, Gnarls Barkley, Mondo Generator, Motochrist, Excel, Penetration Moon, Juliette and The Licks, The Queers, Scream, N.Y. Loose, My Head, John Cougar Concentration Camp, Kyuss, The Uncontrollable and End of Power. Don’t hold it against them.
  • THE DWARVES are OG’s (Original Grunge) appearing with Nirvana, Mudhoney, L7, Supersuckers, Rev. Horton Heat and the Fluid. They appeared in the film Kurt & Courtney where they were described as ‘one of the more violent bands.’
  • THE DWARVES were attacked in 2005 by a disturbed person enraged over the band’s lyrics. The first rock ‘n’ roll battle record, ‘Massacre’ proved the old adage that the truth hurts, but so does being assaulted.
  • THE DWARVES are arty intellectuals who live in San Francisco. Their notorious ‘Blood, Guts and Pussy’ album cover, depicting a dwarf clad only in dead rabbit and blood spattered Amazons, catapulted photographer Michael Lavine to fame across the globe, but led to widespread banning of the record and protests at gigs for years to come.
  • THE DWARVES guitarist HeWhoCanNotBeNamed died in 1993 as reported in SPIN, Alternative Press, SF Weekly and Harper’s among others. Being denied entrance to Hell he returned to mortal form, commenting later-‘that which kills me makes me stronger.’
  • THE DWARVES music has been featured in films like Ghostworld, Hostel, Observe and Report and Me, Myself and Irene where Jim Carrey crooned ‘Motherfucker’ while having a nervous breakdown in a car. In the hardcore porno Rocksuckers genitals collide to a ballsy Dwarves soundtrack. Lloyd Nickell’s new video for ‘Stop Me’ contains content deemed harmful by the FBI, FCC and Mothers Against Intercourse.
  • THE DWARVES singer Blag the Ripper sang the novelty hit ‘Do the Sponge’ on the cartoon series Spongebob Squarepants. Dwarf Sgt. Saltpeter has written and performed over 20 musical pieces featured since the show began. That’s Balls Folks!
  • THE DWARVES have actually been around for 27 years, but couldn’t think of two more things to say about themselves. Except that Blag has published two novels, Armed to the Teeth With Lipstick and the teenage sex romp NINA. His podcast spreads the gospel of bad music and intrusive interviews with partner in crime Mike Routhier.
  • THE DWARVES performed onstage with Turbonegro at the Leeds Festival, UK and have toured Europe 11 times performing at Reading, Pukkelpop, Goteborg Gallopp, Download Donnington and Rebellion Fest to name just a few. Please don’t ruin a perfectly good gram of hash with tobacco.
  • THE DWARVES cannot be seen in mirrors or when the sun is out, but you can see them live in concert soon at a theater near you.


BLOODSTOCK 2013 is shaping up to be the metal event of the summer, with another ten head-bangin’ bands confirmed to join headliners, SLAYER, KING DIAMOND, and LAMB OF GOD.

Canadian prog thrash pioneers, VOIVOD are set to play their only UK show of 2013 at Bloodstock Festival!! The band’s latest album, ‘Target Earth’ was released in January and marks a landmark 30th anniversary in the band’s illustrious career. If you’re not up to speed on this legendary band, check out the EPK for ‘Target Earth’ and get yourself educated!

Swedish metallers, SABATON also step up into a main stage slot. The band are currently on the road in Europe on their Swedish Empire tour and have been making regular video blogs from the road. Watch the latest episodes at , or click on over to Facebook and give them a ‘like’ and catch the updates there: The band’s current album, ‘Carolus Rex’ was voted the ‘Best Album of 2012’ by Sweden’s biggest metal mag, Sweden Rock. Prepare to raise your horns aloft!!

WOLFSBANE headline the Sophie Lancaster stage on the final day of the fest. Guitarist, Jase Edwards comments: “It is an absolute honour and we can’t wait to bringing our brand of fuckin’ Howling Mad Lunacy to Bloodstock for the first time!! To play alongside such bands as ANTHRAX and SLAYER is a huge privilege. We’re really looking forward to catching up with the bands we have played with in the past and we’re also very excited to be headlining the Sophie Lancaster stage on the last day as we have been active supporters of the charity and have taken part in fundraising events locally. We’ll close the Sophie Lancaster Stage with full on Wolfsbane Howling Madness!!! Cum on!!!”

Brit thrash pioneers, XENTRIX join the bill at Catton Park as special guests on the Sophie stage. Xentrix’s guitarist, Kristian Havard is looking forward to it; “We can’t wait to play Bloodstock, this is the first festival for Xentrix for over 20 years. The line-up this year is awesome, so to be included on the bill, is a massive honour. We’re going out with one mission, get the crowd thrashing like it’s 1989!!!!”.

Also added to the Sophie stage are POWERQUEST, who play their final show ever at Bloodstock. Steve Williams (keyboards) enthused, “I’m really thrilled that we will be taking to the stage for the last time at BOA in 2013. There’s a certain symmetry about it as we played Bloodstock Indoor in 2003 as part of our very first tour. Really looking forward to rounding off 12 years with a bang and also with some very special guests joining us from down the years! See you there!”

Further additions to the Sophie Stage include Argentinian folk metallers SKILTRON, Celtic doomsters MAEL MORDHA, Nottingham black metal thrashers EVIL SCARECROW, York metal five-piece RSJ, and melodic death metal Swedes GORMATHON.

For tickets please visit –


Bad Brains – Live at CBGB

55 Minutes

Distributed in the UK by Wienerworld

On Christmas Eve 1982, Bad Brains began their three-day stint at a Hardcore Festival. This live album – recorded at the legendary CBGB club in New York City – features tracks from their first three albums, in addition to some previously unreleased material. It’s a breathtaking display of why Bad Brains is one of the most important bands in American Hardcore history.

This CD represents the very best of these shows, culled from over 4 hours of footage. Their live performances were legendary. Now, for the first time on CD, that powerful performance is revisited in extraordinary fashion.

Big Takeover
Unity Dub
The Meek Shall Inherit the Earth
Jah the Conqueror
Banned in DC
How Low Can a Punk Get?
Rally Round Jah Throne  Riot Squad
Right Brigade
I and I Rasta
We Will Not
I and I Survive
The Regulator
Destroy Babylon
All Rise to Meet Jah
Joshua’s Song


This captures Bad Brain’s ferocity live and from the time that were at their peak. Yes the sound recording may not be amazing but this was 1982 . You get the usual Banned in DC , Big Takeover and FVK , but there are some real treats here like We Will Not, Destroy Babylon, Joshua’s Song, How Low Can A Punk Get?and the previously unreleased Rally Round Jah Throne.

A fantastic raw feel that fans will love but you really need a knowledge and love to appreciate this. One of the best live bands around Bad Brains tear it up here and it has a wonderful nostalgic emotion to the whole thing.

Well worth getting but for fans only 6.5/10

Bad Brains :

HR – Vocals

Gary “Dr Know” Miller – Guitar/Vocals

Darryl Jenifer – Bass/Vocals

Earl Hudson – Drums/Vocals

More details and purchase from Wienerworld –



To mark the 25th anniversary of his solo album of the same name, Horror Punk icon DANZIG will be playing a 3- date UK headline tour later this year – his first since 2005. The most poignant prospect will be the addition of Doyle Von Frankenstein at all three shows in Manchester, Wolverhampton and London. This will mark the first and perhaps only time that UK audiences will see Danzig and Doyle perform a Misfits set together in addition to the full Danzig set, and is not to be missed.

Tickets on sale Friday 9am 22nd Feb – at all major ticket outlets 😉


Swedish death metallers VOMITORY have released the following statement:

“After 24 years, eight albums and hundreds of live shows across 30 countries, we have finally come to the end of the road. We in the band — Tobias, Urban, Erik and Peter — have made the collective decision to end VOMITORY by the end of 2013. It has been a blast on all accounts, but all good things come to to an end, and for VOMITORY, it is now. We will still play as many shows as possible during 2013, and we hope to see as many of you fans as possible there, so we can thank you for your true support during all these years!”

VOMITORY’s eighth full-length album, “Opus Mortis VIII”, was released in 2011 via Metal Blade Records. The CD was recorded at Leon Music Studios outside Karlstad, Sweden with producer Rikard Löfgren.


Erik Rundqvist – Bass/Vocals
Tobias Gustafsson – Drums
Urban Gustafsson – Guitar
Peter Östlund – Guitar


Taken from

Virus for info and funding page

Multiple Wargasms

  The Upcoming album from Virus


     Their first full length studio album in 24 years!


A Short History of Virus:

Virus were one of the pioneers of British Thrash Metal Formed in 1986 by H Heston & Tez Kaylor, members of the punk/oi! band Criminal Damage. They brought in John D Hess in their forming year & called on the services of Coke McFinlay in 1987.

Virus have played with the biggest names in the Thrash Metal business, including, Megadeth, Death, Lawnmower Deth, Kreator, Voivod, Suicidal Tendencies, Death Angel, Cro-Mags, Overkill, Gama Bomb and many more!


Unfortunately in 1990 the band split due to artistic differences and the onset of the grunge genre which all but killed the Uk Thrash Metal genre at that time.


In April 2008, Coke announced that he was going to reform the band initially for a one off reunion gig planned for September, however events would lead to something much better.

With thrash now back and bigger than ever in the UK the time was indeed right but the original members declined the offer, undeterred, Coke set about finding the right people not just for a one off show but to completely revamp the old songs and make the name a force again.


Virus now consists of, Coke McFinlay on Vocals and Lead Guitar, Scott Lauzon on Rhythm Guitar, Paul James on Bass and Darren “Rusty” Rust on Drums.



  What We Need From You!


We require £5,000 in order to record the much anticipated new album, Multiple Wargasms.

That’s 500 people pledging £10 each

If you choose to pledge £10 in return you will get a signed copy of the new album and a t-shirt once we have completed all recording, mixing and mastering, printing and pressing of the new album.

Please help us make this album a reality, we are keen to crack on with it and there are many eager Virus fans awaiting it’s release and with YOUR help we can make this a reality together!

Achieving our goal of £5,000 would mean so much to all the guys in Virus and our fans, we live for thrash metal and we hope you share our passion enough to help us.



Where Exactly Will Your Money Go?


We believe in being completely transparent in explaining where your money will go so here is a brief breakdown of what needs to be done.


First of all the guys need to enter the studio to record all the tracks, so a portion of your money will go to hiring the studio, the studio engineers and technicians to record the music and any other associated costs. Virus will enter the studio as soon as possible, this requires all the members of Virus to enter the studio on successive days to record their individual parts, Vocals, Guitars, Bass and Drums etc. The guys will be working long hours to ensure that each track is executed to absolute perfection, this process can take weeks and in some cases a few months to do but we hope to have it done over a matter of weeks.
Next the album needs to be mixed, production is key to an album, if an album is poorly mixed and produced then this can ruin the resulting album. So Virus need to get in a decent producer to mix and master the tracks, this is where a vast potion of the £5,000 raised will be spent.


After the producer has mixed and mastered the album, Multiple Wargasms, we will have to take it to a professional CD Pressing and Printing company where all the CD’s will be made from the master copy. This is again where a sizable proportion of the money will go aswell, as this is a very expensive process in order to create the number of CD’s required.


Finally and hopefully the smallest expenditure will be the distribution costs.


And that concludes how and where the money you pledge will go.



So What Are You Waiting For!


Please help us by pledging £10 and in return you will get a signed copy of the new album and a T-Shirt, what an absolute bargain! As a CD alone will often cost just over £10… think of it as a pre-order with benefits! You will receive your signed copy the album, Multiple Wargasms, and your T-Shirt once the album is finished and ready for distribution.


If you cannot help us with your £10 then please do share this campaign, we need to get as many people behind this as possible!


If we do not reach our Target of £5,000 you will receive a full refund of your £10 pledge, but we hope to reach it… so please share this campaign aswell as pledging your £10.



                   THANK YOU!










Seminal thrash titans, EXODUS join the main stage ranks at this year’s hottest metal festival.  The Nuclear Blast band are currently gearing up to release their eleventh studio album, and they tour the US next month in the company of Bloodstock buddies, Anthrax.  Frontman Rob Dukes states: “We are stoked to be playing Bloodstock again.  Last time we played, our set was unfortunately cut short because of timing issues.  Not this year!  We are going to destroy that place!!!!”   Check out this footage of them slaying Wacken in ‘O8:


Also newly confirmed are thrash legends, DEATH ANGEL.  Having celebrated the 25th anniversary of their debut album in 2012, frontman Mark Osegueda is excited to return to these shores in 2013, commenting: “I speak for all of us in DEATH ANGEL when I say it brings us so much excitement to announce that we are playing this year’s Bloodstock!  This will be DEATH ANGEL’s first festival appearance ever in the UK, and we plan on making a statement with this performance to assure that there will be many more to come!   DEATH ANGEL’s first show across international waters was in the UK, so the place holds a very special place in our hearts!  Expect a ferocious, high energy set Bloodstock punters!  You have been warned!  Ha!”  DEATH ANGEL release a set of new tunes via Nuclear Blast later this year.


The Bloodstock overlords don’t only love classic Bay Area thrash.  For those of you who prefer your metal fresh off the battlefield, Bloodstock are also delighted to welcome Canadian warriors, 3 INCHES OF BLOOD.  Even on the other side of the festival site, you are sure to hear the glass-shattering tones of vocalist, Cam Pipes!  The band are currently hard at work filming a documentary, ‘3 Inches of Blood; Warriors of the Great White North’.  Expect epic scenes!


Death metal trio DYING FETUS will also be stalking the stage at Bloodstock 2013.  Hailing from Maryland, these US headbangers are not to be missed.  Touring the US with Bloodstock alumni, Hatebreed, the band are currently supporting their 2012 album, ‘Reign Supreme’.  The nightmarish video for ‘Second Skin’ can be viewed through your fingers here:


Also added are Swedish metalheads SCAR SYMMETRY, who will headline the Sophie Lancaster stage on the Friday night.  Drummer Henrik Ohlsson comments: “We’re looking forward to Bloodstock!  The last time we played was in 2007 and was an ecstatic experience – a kickass show and an awesome crowd.  This year I’m sure it will be even better.  The UK has a lot of dedicated Scar Symmetrians and we can’t wait to return with the eerie cosmic death machine that is Scar Symmetry!”  Guitar nerds might be excited to learn that guitarist Per Nilssen gives guitar tutorials over at the awesome musician’s instructional website, BandHappy.  Check out his page here:


Also added to the Sophie stage line-up are Dirty Sanchez loons, PRITCHARD VS DAINTON (, who return this year for an even more full-on show.  Other additions to the Sophie stage include XERATH, BLOODBOUND, VANDERBUYST, SCARAB, and THE PROPHECY.

With headliners, SLAYER, LAMB OF GOD and KING DIAMOND, plus DEVILDRIVER, MUNICIPAL WASTE, ANTHRAX, ACCEPT, and more, with a host of other bands still yet to be announced, Bloodstock is shaping up to be the metal fest of the year.