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To mark the 25th anniversary of his solo album of the same name, Horror Punk icon DANZIG will be playing a 3- date UK headline tour later this year – his first since 2005. The most poignant prospect will be the addition of Doyle Von Frankenstein at all three shows in Manchester, Wolverhampton and London. This will mark the first and perhaps only time that UK audiences will see Danzig and Doyle perform a Misfits set together in addition to the full Danzig set, and is not to be missed.

Tickets on sale Friday 9am 22nd Feb – at all major ticket outlets 😉




Stryper – Live in Indonesia at the Java Rockin’ Land

UK Distribution – Wienerworld   –  69 Minutes

Released – March 25th 2013 –

Now if you had talked to a young me say in 1987 and told me to watch a live Stryper DVD I would have told you in no uncertain terms to *do one* . I was a young thrash fan heavily into bands like Slayer, Metallica, Dark Angel, Venom, Celtic Frost and Stryper were looked upon as a dirty blot on the face of heavy metal which back in the 80’s was littered with anti-christian sentiment . I would never have listened to Stryper (but I may have a little bit).

Stryper were huge in the 80’s with their debut EP The Yellow and Black Attack released in 1984 and their 1986 album To Hell With The Devil spent 3 months in the USA Billboard charts and went on to sell well over 2 million copies. So its hard to believe that they just gradually dissolved in the 1990’s and just disbanded.

At the back end of 1999 they reformed and in various guises have been touring since , but currently as with this DVD it is the original “classic” Stryper line-up of Michael Sweet, Oz Fox , Tim Gaines and Robert Sweet.

This DVD was recorded at the Java Rockin’ Land festival in Indonesia in 2010.

This is a classic festival stage show , very little going on so basically we have Stryper with instruments and that is all. In front of a fairly good sized crowd Stryper kick off with Sing-Along Song and immediately I heard how tight they sounded . The DVD features all their classics including Calling on You, Soldiers Under Command , To Hell With The Devil and more. Michael Sweets vocals are fairly good with a couple of exceptions but still bloody good for a guy who is nearly 50. Oz Fox’s guitar was bang on as was Tim Gaines bass, and Robert Sweets gurning efforts on the drums were good and hilarious to watch at the same time.

Now I wasn’t expecting to enjoy this , BUT I really got into it. It is strange that after 25 years I actually still remembered some of the songs and even lyrics. The crowd are fairly static , but saying that they are in sections due to security fencing. The sound is pretty good and the camera does a good job at showing all 4 members and not just focusing on Michael Sweet.

So all in I enjoyed this , it would be good just to have on in the background as visually it is nothing special but as a retro return to God Rock from the 80’s it is a lot of fun.

On a final note God must be looking down on Stryper as all 4 members have great heads of hair and that can’t be said for most approaching 50 metalheads .

Calling on You for a good 6/10

This is another release from the great UK distribution company Wienerworld who have been supporting independent releases since 1981 and have a huge selection of very varied titles on offer – please check them out .


· Sing Along Song
· Murder By Pride
· Loud ‘N Clear
· Rock That Makes Me Roll
· Reach Out
· Calling On You
· Free
· More Than a Man
· Honestly
· Open Your Eyes
· All for One
· The Way
· Abyss/To Hell With The Devil
· Soldiers Under Command




Manchester HMV Ritz 29th Nov 2012

I first heard Testament back in 1987 with their legendary 1st album The Legacy which is still a favourite of mine . They were prolific over the next few years releasing some great stuff and they have been still active over the years but really returned to form with the release of the 2012 LP – Dark Roots of Earth , that is a stomping heavy metal machine .
I first saw Testament on 14th Nov 1987 supporting Anthrax at the Manchester Apollo and what a gig that was !!
So a mere 25 years later I was made up to see them back again in my local city .
I had seen them earlier this year at the Bloodstock festival but they seemed lost and lifeless on the big stage playing during the day in the August sun , and I hoped they would be better in a much smaller intimate venue .
And on to the venue The Ritz Manchester . This is now an exclusive concert venue after many many (Commandant Lassard) years of being a nightclub . It did host a few gigs back in the late 80’s , in fact I remember seeing Nuclear Assault and Dark Angel there back in 1989 but since then it did host the infamous Monday student nights and was very well known for the *grab a granny* nights on a Friday .
But after the change of use can I just say what a great venue this is , the height of the stage means that a great view can be had from almost anywhere you stand , but at over £4 for a beer the place aint cheap , but you don’t need many beers to feel the effect of Britains last remaining spring loaded dance floor (bouncy bouncy) .
Anyway enough ramblings and on to the gig , also I didn’t bother with the support as I was only there for Testament and the pub was much cheaper AND better beer .

Testament took to the stage at bang on 9.30pm and immediately kicked into Rise Up which is a real fist pumper (oh matron) , and from then you could see they were having a blast . The crowd (and it was really busy) were singing along and really getting into it .
They played some good old stuff and even did Alone in the Dark which is the first time I have heard this in aeons .
So a full 90 minute set that include most of their classics with a few new songs and it was great to see the band having such a good time and also such a good turn out .
You see many of the older bands just turn up , play and then leave but Testament all seemed to really enjoy being there and that transferred to the crowd who responded to their energy .
So a great gig by a great band who may not look like they did back in 1987 BUT they still deliver a gig like it was .

A thrashtastic 8/10

Set List

Rise Up
The New Order
The Preacher
Native Blood
True American Hate
More Than Meets the Eye
Dark Roots of Earth
Into the Pit
Practice What You Preach
Over the Wall
Alone in the Dark
Disciples of the Watch
D.N.R. (Do Not Resuscitate)
3 Days in Darkness
The Formation of Damnation