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The Mammoth Book of Slasher Movies by Peter Normanton – An A-Z Guide to Over Sixty Years of Blood and Guts

I picked this up at a local book shop , hell reviews of over 250 Slasher films what more could I want.

Lovingly written by Peter Normanton this 500+ pages is an essential reference guide for the Horror Film fan.

A short intro on Slashers and American and UK censorship is fairly light and includes the mandatory Video Nasty chapter. But it is when you get to the reviews that this book really comes into its own.

Over 250 films are in here and each one gets a review plus details on Year of Release, Runtime, Country, Director, Production Company, Writers, Cinematographers, Producers, Certificate, Budget and Receipts. And also Peter’s own Splatter Rating which goes from Zero (Tourist Trap) to Five (Re-Animator) .

This is a great compilation and while the completists among us will know there are plenty of omissions especially over the most recent years , this is still a wonderful reference piece and features all the classics and a lot of lesser known gems from especially the 1980’s.

There is just no way anyone could have every film from the Slasher genre in one book, but at the back of the book there is a chronology of over 500 films in list form.

One final note is that the title itself is a bit off as the films featured in this are not just slasher films , you also have Zombie films, Monster filcks and reality films like Faces of Death. In fact the whole nasty list is in here. So if you are looking purely for Slashers then maybe seek out Teenage Wasteland by J A Kersland, but for the price this is a wonderful find.

I know I will reference this book many many times and at a bargain RRP of just £7.99 (and oft cheaper) this is a real bargain too.

Well done Sir , this addition to my library has made me very happy  8/10



Carnage Road by Gregory Lamberson

Pub. Print is Dead – 81 pages

The Floating Dragons are a motorcycle gang from Buffalo , 13 members strong when they are suddenly thrown into a full force zombie apocalypse.

Now their aim is just survival , and after raiding a local superstore and losing some members to the undead they return to their clubhouse with supplies only to be met by a group of maverick ex policemen who attack them.

After this encounter Walker and Boone decide the best course of action is a road trip across the country to Hollywood.

Being best friends they must now look out for each other as they dodge ghouls and outlaws enroute, while trying to stay alive and collecting fuel for their hogs and food for their bellies.

A lovely dark zombie roadtrip that encapsulates the feeling of a Romero film and reads almost like a graphic novel. A tale of true friendship through good times and (mainly) bad with a fantastic ending.

At only 81 pages this is a short, fast read but ultimately well worth it. A fun pulp romp across the USA on bikes whilst shooting at the undead – what more does a man want?

A quick novella that left me wanting to read much much more from Mr Lamberson.

Check it out 7/10

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