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UKHS_logo_with_txt_WEB My new self hosted film review site has just gone live .

After the success of this blog I decided to push ahead with my own site and as well as film reviews etc,  it will also have more new contributors and articles ranging across the board and trying to cover all bases in the horror genre. So everything from reviews to interviews to lifestyle will be covered.

This means that unfortunately this will be the last post for TheCorpseGrinder!!

I would like to thank everyone who has followed , read , replied , spread the word and helped me out over the past year. I hope you can all check out the new site and get involved , and if anyone wants to contribute please mail me at and there is also a submission page on the site so anyone can send me articles , reviews and the like very simply.

So I am afraid it is RIP TheCorpseGrinder and HELLO UKHorrorScene!!

Thank you all and may the gore be with you xx



New UK DVD and BluRay releases for week 6th May 2013


These are the DVD & BluRay releases for the UK for the week beginning Monday 6th May 2013.

Pick of the Week is a music DVD – Rainbow Live in Munich 1977 . This is the definitive Rainbow line-up with Blackmore , Dio (RIP) and Powell . Blackmore had to be smuggled out of Austria on the day of the gig due to a *police incident* and arrived just in time for the gig. This is a powerhouse performance of a true classic metal band !!

Please note that these are releases that fall under the horror genre umbrella that includes horror, exploitation, comic book characters , sci-fi, giallo , anime and music releases. It is not a full exhaustive list of everything just what I think fits this blog . Thanks!

rainbowmunich1977Rainbow – Live in Munich 1977 (DVD) Eagle Rock

drwhovisitationDoctor Who : The Visitation – Special Edition (DVD) 2entertain

avengersearthsmightiestAvengers Earth’s Mightiest Heroes Vol 5 (DVD) Walt Disney Studios HE

avengersearthsmightiest6Avengers Earth’s Mightiest Heroes Vol 6 (DVD) Walt Disney Studios HE

blackmirrorseason2Charlie Brooker’s Black Mirror – Season 2 (DVD) Channel 4 DVD

facilityThe Facility (DVD) Momentum Pictures

shadowpeopleShadow People (BluRay & DVD) Anchor Bay Entertainment

thetowerThe Tower (DVD) Entertainment One

comeoutandplayCome Out And Play (DVD) Metrodome Distribution

bigfoottapesThe Bigfoot Tapes (DVD) Signature Entertainment

wrathWrath (DVD) OMG!

sickboySick Boy (DVD) 101 Films

killerscreedKiller’s Creed (DVD) Films For You

summerscarsSummer Scars (DVD) Soda Pictures

Slayer is devastated to inform that their bandmate and brother, Jeff Hanneman, passed away at about 11AM this morning near his Southern California home. Hanneman was in an area hospital when he suffered liver failure. He is survived by his wife Kathy, his sister Kathy and his brothers Michael and Larry, and will be sorely missed.

Our Brother Jeff Hanneman, May He Rest In Peace (1964 – 2013)

On a personal note Slayer were my first love in the mid to late 1980’s , Hell Awaits & Reign in Blood will always live with me and changed my life . I met Jeff twice and once sat and drank with him & Tom for 2 hours, he was funny , gracious and very down to earth . RIP Jeff – I raise a glass & horns in your memory – shred in hell brother!!

Well today finally got round to showing off my fancy new logo and name for the new site.

I am looking to have it going live in around 10 days from now but you never know it may be sooner .

UK Horror Scene will be a film review site , but also looking at all things horror and it’s genre. there will be music and gig reviews, a lifestyle section for anything from clothing to homewares to tattoos . And finally a new interactive calendar that will keep visitors up to date with what is going on in the UK from screenings , festivals , conventions etc .

The new Facebook group is open and catch me on twitter @ukhorrorscene .

Finally thank you to everyone for the support not only through The CorpseGrinder blog but also with everything for UKHS. I really do appreciate it .

Andy !!

Hello there , my name is Andy and I am a horroroholic .

Because of this I am setting up a new UK based horror website which will be going live very soon (in 2 weeks hopefully and new name will be announced in the next couple of days). It will be similar to my CorpseGrinder blog but will have a more UK based bias and will include much more content like the following – horror & genre film reviews , music & gig reviews , horror genre with music & lifestyle news , a section on lifestyle featuring things like clothing, homewares , tattoos and more.
The site will feature a large interactive calendar of events for the UK , including film screenings, festivals, releases , conventions and more.

So what I need to help me share the load (as this is a hobby & I work full-time) is contributors. I need people to send in reviews of new & old films, reviews of UK gigs , articles on anything horror genre related and lots of news stories from around the globe (but especially in the UK) again under the horror umbrella.

If you are at all interested please email me – .

I can promise you a picture and short bio on the site , and all articles will have this on. Also in the future you may be sent new films to review and/or new UK DVD releases again for review.

What I need for reviews is approx 500 words starting with a brief synopsis and then a review. Maybe link actors and directors and stay as spoiler free as possible. It is OK to tell the outline of the film but not the twists , turns and finale.

For news articles any length is fine but must have where the article was taken from , share not steal !!

Grammar is fairly important but (as you can see from reading this article) it isn’t the be all and end all.

Finally on the new site there will be a submit page where you can send a headline , category , full article and up to 3 pics . This then comes straight to me , so it is a nice quick way to send things on the go .

I cannot pay anything for any articles but this is a good starting point and stepping stone for anyone wanting to dip their toe into contributing and people who just have a love of all things dark and want to help out on a new , exciting entry into the murky world of horror !

Thank You


New UK DVD and BluRay releases for week 29th April 2013


These are the DVD & BluRay releases for the UK for the week beginning Monday 29th April 2013.

Pick of the Week is Arrow Video’s BluRay release of Mario Bava’s gothic masterpiece Baron Blood!!

BaronbloodbluBaron Blood (BluRay) Arrow Video

spartacuswardamnedbluSpartacus – War of the Damned (DVD & BluRay) Anchor Bay Entertainment

spartacuscompleteSpartacus : Complete Collection (DVD & BluRay) Anchor Bay Entertainment

startrek best of both bluStar Trek: The Next Generation – Best of Both Worlds (BluRay) Paramount Home Entertainment

startreknextseason3Star Trek : The Next Generation – Season 3 (BluRay) Paramount Home Entertainment

baitbluBait (DVD , BluRay & 3D BluRay) studiocanal

collectionThe Collection (DVD) Entertainment One

newtwilightzonecompleteThe New Twilight Zone : The Complete Collection (DVD) Shock Entertainment

startrek1-10Star Trek : Star Sate Collection – Movies 1-10 (DVD & BluRay) Paramount Home Entertainment

ironmanextremisIron Man – Extremis (DVD) 101 Anime

slasherhouseSlasher House (DVD) Safecracker Pictures

slaughtertapesThe Slaughter Tapes (DVD) New Horizon Films

sleeptightbluSleep Tight (BluRay) Metrodome Distribution

patientxPatient X (DVD) Golem

ghostencountersGhost Encounters : Paranormal Activity Abounds (DVD) Wienerworld



New UK DVD and BluRay releases for week 22nd April 2013

These are the DVD & BluRay releases for the UK for the week beginning Monday 22nd April 2013.

Really slow week with the major release being Rob Zombie’s new film Lords of Salem. But Pick of the Week must go to the new BluRay release for the classic Blood on Satan’s Claw from Odeon Entertainment.

Please note that these are releases that fall under the horror genre umbrella that includes horror, exploitation, comic book characters , sci-fi, giallo , anime and music releases. It is not a full exhaustive list of everything just what I think fits this blog . Thanks.

bloodclawBlood on Satan’s Claw (BluRay) Odeon Entertainment

lords of salemThe Lords of Salem (DVD) Momentum Pictures Home Ent

knighridersKnightriders (BluRay) Arrow Video

kingthornKing of Thorn (DVD or DVD & BluRay combo) Manga Entertainment

iron man armoured1Iron Man Armoured Adventures – Season 2 Vol 1 (DVD)

rabiesRabies (DVD) Soda Pictures

notellmotelNo Tell Motel (DVD) 4digital

richard lionheartRichard the Lionheart (DVD) Kaleidoscope Home Entertainment

finalritesThe Final Rites (DVD) Metrodome Distribution

familyguysomethingFamily Guy – Something Something Something Darkside (BluRay) 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment

familyguytrilogyFamily Guy Trilogy (DVD & BluRay) 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment

familyguyitsatrapFamily Guy – It’s A Trap (BluRay) 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment

candlemassdocumentsCandlemass – Documents of Doom (2 x DVD) Flying Dolphin

predetortrilogyPredator Trilogy (BluRay) 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment

kruxKrux – Live (DVD) Flying Dolphin

reservoirdogsReservoir Dogs – Collectors Edition (DVD) Lionsgate Home Entertainment UK Ltd

vampiressuckVampires Suck (BluRay) 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment

predatorsPredators (BluRay) 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment

jennifersbodyJennifer’s Body (BluRay) 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment


These are the DVD & BluRay releases for the UK for the week beginning Monday 15th April 2013.

There are a few good new releases and a large re-release selection of BluRays – region free from Warner Home Video including The Exorcist , Beetlejuice , The Shining , Clockwork Orange and many more .

Pick of the Week is the fantastic I Didn’t Come Here To Die . The directorial feature debut by Bradley Scott Sullivan is the story of six young volunteers working on a humanitarian project in the woods. Horrific accidents, rash decisions and the unpredictability of human nature leads them all to the same disturbing conclusion. This is a superb film that is a wonderful homage to eighties horror films but is unique , horrific and hilarious at times. This is a MUST SEE for any fans of Evil Dead , Cabin in the Woods and many other backwoods slashers. It is easy to say this is just a homage, however IDCHTD has so much more to it , at times utterly unique this really is a stand out horror film.

You can read my review here and also my interview with director Bradley Scott Sullivan here .

Please note that these are releases that fall under the horror genre umbrella that includes horror, exploitation, comic book characters , sci-fi, giallo , anime and music releases. It is not a full exhaustive list of everything just what I think fits this blog . Thanks.

Ididn'tcomeheretodiedvdukI Didn’t Come Here To Die (DVD) Second Sight

deadheadDead Head (DVD) Eureka Entertainment Ltd

evildead2Evil Dead 2 (DVD & BluRay) Studiocanal

ironmanriseoftechovoreIron Man : The Rise Of Technovore (DVD & UV copy) Sony Pictures Home Entertainment

theshiningdvdThe Shining (BluRay & UV Copy) (Region Free) Warner Home Video

vampireprincessmiyuVampire Princess Miyu : Complete Collection (DVD) MVM

subspecies3bloodlustdvdSubspecies 3 : Bloodlust (BluRay & DVD) 88 Films

arena-raptureArena – Rapture (DVD) Metal Mind

deadenddriveinDead End Drive In (DVD) Arrow Video

mayikillyouMay I Kill You (DVD) Cyclops Vision

devilsofwarDevils of War (DVD & BluRay) Signature Entertainment

gremlinsGremlins (BluRay & UV Copy)(Region Free) Warner Home Video

loupsgarousLoups Garous ( BluRay & DVD) Manga Entertainment

enterthedragonEnter The Dragon (BluRay & UV Copy)(Region Free) Warner Home Video

vulgariaVulgaria (DVD & BluRay) Third Window Films

zombiesvsstrippersZombies vs Strippers (DVD) 88 Films

clockworkorangeClockwork Orange (BluRay & UV Copy)(Region Free) Warner Home Video

neverendingstoryThe Neverending Story (BluRay & UV Copy)(Region Free) Warner Home Video

trueromanceTrue Romance (BluRay & UV Copy)(Region Free) Warner Home Video

interviewwiththevampireInterview with The Vampire (BluRay & UV Copy)(Region Free) Warner Home Video

exorcistThe Exorcist (BluRay & UV Copy)(Region Free) Warner Home Video

monochromesetm80dvdThe Monochrome Set – M80 (DVD) Wienerworld

dollhouseDollhouse (DVD) Soda Pictures

youngoffenderYoung Offender (DVD) Point Blank

se7enSe7en (BluRay & UV Copy)(Region Free) Warner Home Video

lostboysThe Lost Boys (BluRay & UV Copy)(Region Free) Warner Home Video

beetlejuiceBeetlejuice (BluRay & UV Copy)(Region Free) Warner Home Video

poltergeistPoltergeist (BluRay & UV Copy)(Region Free) Warner Home Video

gooniesThe Goonies (BluRay & UV Copy)(Region Free) Warner Home Video

matrixThe Matrix (BluRay & UV Copy)(Region Free) Warner Home Video

sherlockholmesSherlock Holmes (BluRay & UV Copy)(Region Free) Warner Home Video

clashofthetitansClash of the Titans (BluRay & UV Copy)(Region Free) Warner Home Video

wildmanofkentuckyThe Wildman of Kentucky (DVD) Wienerworld

diaryofavampireDiary of a Vampire : The Legacy of Bram Stoker (DVD) Wienerworld

tronTron (DVD) Walt Disney Studios HE

thedarkknightThe Dark Knight (BluRay & UV Copy)(Region Free) Warner Home Video

inceptionInception (BluRay & UV Copy)(Region Free) Warner Home Video



These are the DVD & BluRay releases for the UK for the week beginning Monday 8th April 2013.

Pick of the Week (forget a little indie flick named The Hobbit) is from the great people at 101 films . The Wrong House (aka House Hunting) stars Marc Singer (Beastmaster & V) and features two families who go to an open house viewing and find they cannot leave – enough said.

Please note that these are releases that fall under the horror genre umbrella that includes horror, exploitation, comic book characters , sci-fi, giallo and music releases. It is not a full exhaustive list of everything just what I think fits this blog . Thanks.

thewronghouseThe Wrong House (DVD) 101 Films

starwarssteelStar Wars – The Original Trilogy Ep IV-VI (Ltd Ed Steelbook) 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment

starwarssteel2Star Wars – The Prequel Trilogy Ep I – III (Ltd Ed Steelbook) 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment

houseinnightmareparkThe House In Nightmare Park (DVD) Network

maydayMayday (DVD) Acorn Media

beinghuman1-5boxsetBeing Human – Seasons 1-5 Boxset (DVD & BluRay) 2entertain

beinghuman5Being Human Season 5 (DVD & BluRay) 2entertain

missiontolarsMissions To Lars (DVD & BluRay) Clear Vision Ltd

scannerssteelScanners (Ltd Ed Steelbook) Second Sight

scanners2Scanners 2 – The New Order (BluRay) Second Sight

scanners3Scanners 3 – The Takeover (BluRay) Second Sight

murdermosthorridseries3Murder Most Horrid – Series 3 (DVD) Revelations Films Ltd

evidentlyjohncooperclarkeEvidently John Cooper Clarke (DVD) Safecracker Pictures

spaceprecintlegacySpace Precinct Legacy (BluRay) Event Films Ltd

theechoThe Echo (DVD) Metrodome Distribution

hell'smouthHell’s Mouth (DVD) Metrodome Distribution

theinnocentThe Innocent (DVD) 4 Digital

doom-reelheroeseditionbluDoom – Reel Heroes Edition (DVD & BluRay) Universal Pictures UK

paul-reelheroesPaul – Reel Heroes Edition (DVD & BluRay) Universal Pictures UK


acdcbackinblackAC/DC – Back In Black (DVD) Kaliedoscope Home Entertainment



VOLBEAT’s Collaboration With KING DIAMOND Available For Free Download – Apr. 5, 2013
“Room 24”, a brand new song from Danish metal rock ‘n’ rollers VOLBEAT, is available for free download at this location. The track, which features a guest appearance by legendary Danish heavy metal singer King Diamond, comes off VOLBEAT’s fifth studio album, “Outlaw Gentlemen & Shady Ladies”, which will be released in Germany, Austria and Switzerland on April 5, in the rest of Europe on April 8, and in North America on April 9 via Vertigo/Republic Records/Universal Music.

Comments VOLBEAT guitarist/vocalist Michael Poulsen: “I’m a huge fan of MERCYFUL FATE and KING DIAMOND. Having King on the record is a huge privilege. Normally, it’s not something he does. He wrote his own lines, and it is half my lyrics and half his. It’s a weird, scary story, and he’s the perfect person for it.”

Poulsen joined KING DIAMOND on stage at last year’s Sweden Rock Festival to perform a cover version of the MERCYFUL FATE classic “Come To The Sabbath”. Fan-filmed video footage of his appearance can be seen below.

“The show was fantastic and King sounded better than ever,” Poulsen stated last June.

“I have been a huge KING DIAMOND / MERCYFUL FATE fan since my school days in Denmark. He was the first frontman in a metal band that I really became a fan of. At a very early age, I was already on my knees for Ronnie James Dio and Tony Iommi. But when the Danish newspapers started to write about KING DIAMOND and his new record, ‘Them’, I knew that I was about to discover something unique and special.

“A few minutes after reading the newspapers, I jumped on my bike and headed to my local record shop. 15 minutes later, I was holding the record in my hands and a new young KING DIAMOND fan was born and I have been following him and buying all his records since.

“I remember asking my dad if I could have some money for a KING DIAMOND concert ticket, he said, ‘Sure, but how will you earn the money for the train ticket and merchandise?’ he asked smiling. I responded I would figure it out, smiling.

“I ended up selling my BMX Raleigh bicycle, my dad got a little pissed about that in the beginning, but he ended up thinking that was real dedication and a good smart move from my side, because now he also had to buy me a new bike so I could get to school. Even my first tattoo was a MERCYFUL FATE cover (‘Don’t Break The Oath’). I was still in school and not old enough to get a tattoo, and I was begging the local tattoo artist to give me this tattoo. In the end, he said, ‘Okay I’ll do it if you. Come NOW, but don’t tell anyone.’ I said, ‘I cannot do it now because I’m about to have my exam in school in less than an hour.’ He didn’t care, so I said, ‘Fuck school, I’m on my way.’ I didn’t take my exam, but I got something that was so much more important to me, my first tattoo.

“The first time I met King in person was around 1996 or 1997, at that time, I had released my first two metal records and some demos with my previous band, DOMINUS. As an eager fan, I was telling him how much he inspired me. And now here in 2012 he still inspires me a lot in VOLBEAT.

“King has been to a few VOLBEAT shows in the U.S. to check us out and hang out and also to say hello to his good friend, Hank Shermann (MERCYFUL FATE), who [helped] VOLBEAT on our U.S. tour, which also is a great compliment for me and VOLBEAT.

“If you, as a reader, haven’t met King in person, then let me tell you about him, he’s the most dedicated man to his music and one of the nicest guys in this scene I have ever met. I am proud to calling him my friend.”

Taken from Blabbermouth.Net