Contributors needed for new UK Horror Site

Posted: April 29, 2013 in News and general babble

Hello there , my name is Andy and I am a horroroholic .

Because of this I am setting up a new UK based horror website which will be going live very soon (in 2 weeks hopefully and new name will be announced in the next couple of days). It will be similar to my CorpseGrinder blog but will have a more UK based bias and will include much more content like the following – horror & genre film reviews , music & gig reviews , horror genre with music & lifestyle news , a section on lifestyle featuring things like clothing, homewares , tattoos and more.
The site will feature a large interactive calendar of events for the UK , including film screenings, festivals, releases , conventions and more.

So what I need to help me share the load (as this is a hobby & I work full-time) is contributors. I need people to send in reviews of new & old films, reviews of UK gigs , articles on anything horror genre related and lots of news stories from around the globe (but especially in the UK) again under the horror umbrella.

If you are at all interested please email me – .

I can promise you a picture and short bio on the site , and all articles will have this on. Also in the future you may be sent new films to review and/or new UK DVD releases again for review.

What I need for reviews is approx 500 words starting with a brief synopsis and then a review. Maybe link actors and directors and stay as spoiler free as possible. It is OK to tell the outline of the film but not the twists , turns and finale.

For news articles any length is fine but must have where the article was taken from , share not steal !!

Grammar is fairly important but (as you can see from reading this article) it isn’t the be all and end all.

Finally on the new site there will be a submit page where you can send a headline , category , full article and up to 3 pics . This then comes straight to me , so it is a nice quick way to send things on the go .

I cannot pay anything for any articles but this is a good starting point and stepping stone for anyone wanting to dip their toe into contributing and people who just have a love of all things dark and want to help out on a new , exciting entry into the murky world of horror !

Thank You



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