New UK DVD and BluRay releases for week 29th April 2013


These are the DVD & BluRay releases for the UK for the week beginning Monday 29th April 2013.

Pick of the Week is Arrow Video’s BluRay release of Mario Bava’s gothic masterpiece Baron Blood!!

BaronbloodbluBaron Blood (BluRay) Arrow Video

spartacuswardamnedbluSpartacus – War of the Damned (DVD & BluRay) Anchor Bay Entertainment

spartacuscompleteSpartacus : Complete Collection (DVD & BluRay) Anchor Bay Entertainment

startrek best of both bluStar Trek: The Next Generation – Best of Both Worlds (BluRay) Paramount Home Entertainment

startreknextseason3Star Trek : The Next Generation – Season 3 (BluRay) Paramount Home Entertainment

baitbluBait (DVD , BluRay & 3D BluRay) studiocanal

collectionThe Collection (DVD) Entertainment One

newtwilightzonecompleteThe New Twilight Zone : The Complete Collection (DVD) Shock Entertainment

startrek1-10Star Trek : Star Sate Collection – Movies 1-10 (DVD & BluRay) Paramount Home Entertainment

ironmanextremisIron Man – Extremis (DVD) 101 Anime

slasherhouseSlasher House (DVD) Safecracker Pictures

slaughtertapesThe Slaughter Tapes (DVD) New Horizon Films

sleeptightbluSleep Tight (BluRay) Metrodome Distribution

patientxPatient X (DVD) Golem

ghostencountersGhost Encounters : Paranormal Activity Abounds (DVD) Wienerworld




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