New UK DVD and BluRay releases for week 22nd April 2013

These are the DVD & BluRay releases for the UK for the week beginning Monday 22nd April 2013.

Really slow week with the major release being Rob Zombie’s new film Lords of Salem. But Pick of the Week must go to the new BluRay release for the classic Blood on Satan’s Claw from Odeon Entertainment.

Please note that these are releases that fall under the horror genre umbrella that includes horror, exploitation, comic book characters , sci-fi, giallo , anime and music releases. It is not a full exhaustive list of everything just what I think fits this blog . Thanks.

bloodclawBlood on Satan’s Claw (BluRay) Odeon Entertainment

lords of salemThe Lords of Salem (DVD) Momentum Pictures Home Ent

knighridersKnightriders (BluRay) Arrow Video

kingthornKing of Thorn (DVD or DVD & BluRay combo) Manga Entertainment

iron man armoured1Iron Man Armoured Adventures – Season 2 Vol 1 (DVD)

rabiesRabies (DVD) Soda Pictures

notellmotelNo Tell Motel (DVD) 4digital

richard lionheartRichard the Lionheart (DVD) Kaleidoscope Home Entertainment

finalritesThe Final Rites (DVD) Metrodome Distribution

familyguysomethingFamily Guy – Something Something Something Darkside (BluRay) 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment

familyguytrilogyFamily Guy Trilogy (DVD & BluRay) 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment

familyguyitsatrapFamily Guy – It’s A Trap (BluRay) 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment

candlemassdocumentsCandlemass – Documents of Doom (2 x DVD) Flying Dolphin

predetortrilogyPredator Trilogy (BluRay) 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment

kruxKrux – Live (DVD) Flying Dolphin

reservoirdogsReservoir Dogs – Collectors Edition (DVD) Lionsgate Home Entertainment UK Ltd

vampiressuckVampires Suck (BluRay) 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment

predatorsPredators (BluRay) 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment

jennifersbodyJennifer’s Body (BluRay) 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment



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