Competition – Win a copy of The Monochrome Set – M80 DVD courtesy of Wienerworld (now closed)

Posted: April 3, 2013 in Music Reviews, News and general babble
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Competiton now closed . Winners will be contacted and thank you to everyone who entered. 

Well done to Mick from Northumberland and Andy from Edinburgh. Many thanks to all the entrants , and again Wienerworld for the prizes !!

Well with many thanks to the good people at Wienerworld , TheCorpseGrinder has 2 copies of the soon to be released DVD of The Monochrome Set live in Minneapolis in 1979. The DVD features their full set from the legendary Marathon 80 Festival .

Please read below for more info on this great DVD from a hugely influential British band. And please visit Wienerworld to peruse their fantastic back catalogue and more info on future releases –

The Monochrome Set DVD is released on April 15th in the UK and distributed through Wienerworld.

  •  Monochrome
  • This superb previously unreleased DVD is a valuable historic document of the band’s earliest live footage in existence
  • The full live set caught on camera of the American leg of the M80 concert in Minneapolis, Indiana (September 1979), offering an early candid snapshot of the group  
  • Includes two compositions by original bassist Jeremy Harrington: Fly Me To The Moon (never before released on any format) and the early live song Viva Death Row
  • Complete with a 4 page pull-out booklet with amazingly revealing liner notes
  • Released to coincide with the band’s USA Tour in May 2013 (followed by UK and European Tours in October)

The Monochrome Set originally formed in 1978 from the remnants of a college group called 
The B-Sides (whose members had included Stuart Goddard, a.k.a. Adam Ant). The post-punk band is notable for its witty lyrics, the laconic delivery of lead singer Bid and the idiosyncratically retrogressive playing style of original lead guitarist Lester Square.

The live footage contained in this DVD is so important, not only because it offers an early candid snapshot of the group, but also because it captures a musical fire and edginess inherent to only a few bands of that era. It is both a time capsule and a true joy to witness.


1. The Monochrome Set
2. Fallout
3. Tomorrow Will Be Too Long
4. Fly Me To Moon
5. The Etcetera Stroll
6. Mr Bizarro
7. Love Goes Down The Drain
8. Ici Les Enfants
9. Lester Leaps In
10. Eine Symphonie Des Grauens
11. Martians Go Home
12. The Lighter Side Of Dating
13. Viva Death Row
14. He’s Frank
15. Goodbye Joe
16. The Strange Boutique
17. Expresso
18. Alphaville



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