These are the DVD & BluRay releases for the UK for the week beginning Monday 4th March 2013.

There are not a huge amount released this week , but some quality nonetheless . There is Stitches where Ross Noble stars as a killer clownand also the Shaun of the Dead Steelbook . But pick of the week must be Sleep Tight the fantastic Spanish horror from Jaume Balagueró who directed REC . A beautiful Hitchcockian thriller and you can read my review here –  .

Please note that these are releases that fall under the horror genre umbrella that includes horror, exploitation, comic book characters , sci-fi, giallo and music releases. It is not a full exhaustive list of everything just what I think fits this blog . Thanks.

sleeptightdvdSleep Tight (DVD) Metrodome Distribution

gamethrones2Game of Thrones – Season 2 (BluRay-region free & DVD) Warner Home Video

gotseason1&2Game of Thrones – Seasons 1 & 2 (BluRay – region free & DVD) Warner Home Video

hansel&gretelwarriorsHansel and Gretel – Warriors of Witchcraft (DVD) Signature Entertainment

shaunofdeadsteelShaun of the Dead – Universal 100th Anniversary Edition (BluRay) Universal Pictures UK

stitchesStitches (BluRay & DVD) Kaleidoscope Home Entertainment

jackpotJackpot (BluRay & DVD) Metrodome Distribution

packageThe Package (BluRay & DVD) Anchor Bay Entertainment UK

shanas2part1Shana Series 2 part 1 (DVD) MVM

Love BiteLove Bite (BluRay & DVD) Entertainment in Video

realitykillsReality Kills (DVD) High Fliers Films

bushliveBush Live! (DVD) earMUSIC

witchesofozWitches of Oz (DVD) OMG!

fitzcarraldoFitzcarraldo (DVD) Anchor Bay Entertainment UK


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