From Beyond – BluRay release from Second Sight Films 25th Feb 2013.

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From Beyond – BluRay release from Second Sight Films 25th Feb 2013.


From Beyond 1986

Dir. Stuart Gordon – Prod. Brian Yuzna  – 86 Minutes  – 18 Cert  –  Region 2

From Beyond is the 1986 release Directed by Stuart Gordon and Produced by Brian Yuzna. Based on the short story by H P Lovecraft it stars Jeffrey Combs and Barbara Crampton who are re-united from Gordon’s previous film , another Lovecraft adaptation Re-Animator.

The story is that Dr Edward Pretorius (Ted Sorel) , who is a sexual deviant and a genius is attempting to discover the secrets of the pineal gland (or third eye). He creates a resonator and opens a world of horror which initially kills him and leaves his student Crawford Tillinghast (Combs) incarcerated in a metal institution .

Dr Katherine McMichaels (Crampton) is a pioneering psychiatrist and decides to return Tillinghast to the scene of the experiment so she can study him as he re-creates the experiment. And then all hell breaks loose in a wonderful adaptation.

This is now being released in the UK courtesy of Second Sight Films in a wonderful BluRay presentation. The colours are stark and vivid and look really fresh here and wonderfully lavish.

But what makes this release so fantastic are the stunning extras featured here. It is chock full of interviews with Gordon , Crampton and Dennis Paoli (screenplay). Also full commentary from Gordon, Yuzna & Combs as well as a great FX piece and much more.


Stuart Gordon on From Beyond
Gothic Adaptation – an interview with writer Dennis Paoli
The Doctor is in – an interview with Barbara Crampton
Monsters & Slime – the FX of From Beyond
Director’s perspective
The Editing Room – Lost and Found
Interview with composer
Commentary with Stuart Gordon, Brian Yuzna and Jeffrey Combs
Photo montage
Storyboard to film comparison

Includes English subtitles for hard of hearing.

A fantastic release and really if you have any interest in From Beyond then buy this and you will not be disappointed. Second Sight are putting many classic releases out this year and are definitely a company that are dedicated in putting out quality releases.

The BluRay is released on February 25th from all good stockists.

You can also visit Second Sight Films at or at their Facebook page

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  1. Paul says:

    How’s the film compare to the US DVD content-wise?

    • I believe both are the same , as running times are both 86 minutes . I will check out to see if there are any differences , and if I find any i will let you know 🙂

      • Paul says:

        Okay thanks – I believe the US disc was the full cut and I’d heard that this new Blu contained the extra bits in inferior quality… just wondering whether it’s worth the upgrade. Thanks for looking!

  2. Ok here is what I have found. Yes this does contain the extra bits that were included in the American MGM DVD release. Here is what Digital Fix say about the new Second Sight BluRay –

    “Using the re-integrated cut of the film assembled for the American MGM DVD release, Second Sight offer a transfer of predictable pros and cons if you have seen that release. The re-integrated material is of lower grade, darker, worn and with less reliable contrast and muted colours. Still, the majority of the film looks awesome with vibrant purples and violets imposed on the seedy action, and little in the way of edge enhancement to add an artificiality to the viewing experience. Visually, given the quality of basic materials, this is a nice looking presentation.”

    Hope this helps and thanks for the interest, if you have anything else please let me know and I can try to help. Cheers

    • Paul says:

      Thanks for your feedback – will probably upgrade as it is a pretty good movie (one that I’ve found improves over repeat viewings too).

      Best wishes.

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