Mask Maker (aka Maskerade) (2010) Review

Posted: February 18, 2013 in film reviews, Reviews
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Mask Maker (aka Maskerade) 2010

Dir. Griff Furst   –   94 minutes

101 Films UK


Mask Maker is the tale of 2 college kids who buy a beautiful house in a small American town . They got the house (and all its contents) for the measly sum of just $10,000. “Well whats the catch?” I hear you cry, well stop being so cynical they get the house and live there happily ever after.

40 years previous the house was home to a woman and her young son who happens to cut his head and nothing will heal his wound. She later turns to black magic and animal sacrifice to help her now deformed son , but when she delves into child sacrifice then the local townsfolk deem this a step too far and kill her and murder and bury her son.

Skip back to modern day and our young couple Jennifer (Nikki DeLoach) and Evan (Stephen Colletti) have arrived at the house and found it is still fully furnished and looks untouched . Also Evan has found the family graveyard in the garden and he removed a strange looking stick from one of the graves that looked almost Native American but it couldn’t have been put there for a reason though .

They invite four friends over for a house-warming party and when the friends arrive we have a lovely cleaning montage where everyone helps out to clean a huge house that’s been empty for 40 years. After at least an hour then the house looks much better and the sheets etc are all hanging out on the line .

Now unbeknownst to our gang the body of the son has been reanimated and he is a little angry , probably about watching his mother being killed and his own death. He now sets off on a bloody rampage and as he is deformed he gets round this by wearing the faces of his victims, well a boy wants to look his best.

This film does not take itself too seriously. It has a good script , is well acted and a great killer. The ludicrous way we get the kids to own the house just adds to the fun of the film, they even find a wine cellar in the house that has some very rare wine in it . But why then did this house remain unsold for four decades? Oh yes an undead murderer.

There are some great kills here and a couple of lovely cameos from Terry Kiser (Yep it is Bernie) and the one and only Michael Berryman (some film about eyes in the hills) . They both really add to the great fun that this film has.

It does drag through the middle and there are many plot holes that even undead voodoo just can’t explain but overall this is a fun slasher that never takes itself seriously and is much the better for that.

A good Friday night film to watch with friends and beers  6/10.

You can get this as part of a great triple pack – Ultimate Slasher by 101 films which also includes The Bunnyman Massacre and Carnival of Fear. And at the moment can be picked up from Amazon for just £8.25 on DVD (not bad for 3 slashers) .

ultimate slasher



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