TheCorpseGrinder top 5 Horror films 2012

Well its that time of year when you look back across the 12 months and try and remember what the hell you watched. This is a list of films that were either released either in the cinema or on dvd/bluray in the UK during 2012 and that I just loved.
This is a purely personal and subjective list and if you agree or disagree then let me know either on here or @corpsegrinderuk on twitter.

5) Cassadaga


Anthony DiBlasi’s Cassadaga has a deaf art student that relocates to the psychic capital of America after her sister is killed. This is a beautifully set traditional ghost story that throws curveballs along the way. There are some very creepy moments especially the scenes in total silence due to Lily being deaf.
Forget the dreadful dvd cover and watch this it deserves it.

4) American Mary


I love the Soska twins – The end.
No really – I saw this at a screening on a big screen and so glad I did as this was fantastic. Mary (the beautiful and simply stunning Katharine Isabelle) is a medical student in real financial difficulty and she gets dragged into the shadowy and highly lucrative world of underground cosmetic surgery. She goes from being somewhat hesitant to start with to becoming completely absorbed by the money and power she now wields in this murky world.
A beautifully shot film whose colours are wonderfully vivid , but this will have you squirming in your seat at times.
The Soska twins are so talented and long may they keep their throne as the queens of Indie horror.

3) V/H/S


An anthology of 6 short found footage films from some of the big names in independent horror such as Ti West , Adam Wingard , David Bruckner , Glenn McQuaid and more. The film starts with the *wrap around* short of Tape 56 that has a group of guys paid to break into a house and steal a videotape. When they break in they find many tapes and view some which is where the other stories fit in.
An awesome collection that all tie together wonderfully and it has some truly shocking and scary moments along the way. A real treat.

2) Cabin in the Woods


What is left to say about this film that hasn’t already? It has been top of nearly all the *best of* lists of 2012. A wonderful homage to all the great horror and sci-fi films from the last 40 years. Josh Whedon hits every nail on the spot with this and it is a real instant classic. Watching this reminded me of how it felt in the 1980’s watching films as a teenager. A brilliant film.

1) Attack of the Werewolves (aka Game of Werewolves or Lobos De Arga)


I saw this at Grimmfest which is a horror film festival held over a weekend in Manchester UK every October. I had no previous knowledge of the film so decided to watch it for no other reason that I happened to be in the theatre as it started.
And for the next 98 minutes I was transfixed by a Spanish language film that was bursting with humour, fun, love, and werewolves.
Set in the beautiful Spanish countryside it is the story of Tomas who is a writer and he returns to the village of his birth. He is unaware of a curse on the village and his part in this.
A fantastic Hammer type horror, that has some wickedly dark humour and the werewolves are a real tribute to Universals Wolfman so no need for crappy CGI here.
The 3 main characters work great together and the star of the film is the small but fiercely loyal dog Vito , who whenever onscreen had the audience in the theatre totally under his paw.
Juan Martinez Moreno must be applauded for writing and directing this with such a small budget.
This is one of the very few films that come along with no fanfare and change your film watching life.
An absolute master class of what can be done with love, knowledge and pure hard work.
Stunning !!

So that’s it. There were lots close but these were the ones that really stuck out for me and made my 2012 a great year in the horror genre.

There will not be a *worst of* because as I said film watching is a very personal experience so what I deem to be bad could be great to another. So I never do worst of lists.

Finally a quick thank you to everyone who has viewed the blog. It has only been up and running for 4 weeks but is already getting many views from all over the world. Also thank you to everyone following the blog on WordPress and also following me on Twitter @corpsegrinderuk . Finally thank you to everyone who has got in touch through comments , Twitter or email ( . Your kind words have been a real inspiration.

Hope you all enjoyed the BEST OF and the previous reviews , there will be many more reviews in 2013 and more news about UK film and DVD releases.

May you all have a very happy and horrific new year !!

Cheers & Beers TCG !

  1. Great choices! I loved Attack of the Werewolves so much, really, really good fun.

  2. K.N. Porter says:

    Great list. I loved Cabin in the Woods and look forward to seeing the Attack of the Werewolves.

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